Autodesk did an interview with me ;-)

What a nice way to start 2018! 🙂

As you probably know, having visited my blog, I’ve been using Autodesk’s Fusion 360 for all my CAD needs. I can’t recommend it enough – it’s easy to learn, available for free for hobbyists, has a great community, tremendous amount of learning materials… And it’s a very powerful tool all around (includes simulation module, rendering, generates toolpaths for CNC, and much more). Well worth picking up and learning the workflow.

I was lucky enough to get in touch with an editor for Fusion 360 blog. It all started after I shared one of my projects (Smart Game Board) with the community around Microsoft Garage (check out the below article to find out more about Microsoft Garage). We scheduled some time to talk, I had a chance to share my thoughts, and Tim Walker put it into a nice write up.


Alright, enough of the build up – here are the links 🙂


It was great working with Tim and giving the interview. That was my first such experience – I’m hoping it won’t be last, that was very motivating… 🙂


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